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. what we have learned about injuries and missing law enforcement officers. they are marking the anniversary of the quake and how that scare led to a big change. big trouble in livermore valley. also a deadly police shooting in san francisco, what led up to last night's gunfire. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, it is thursday, april 18thth, i am
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pam cook, thank you for joining us, let's check your weather and traffic, steve knows all about your weather. we do have clear skies, temperatures will be warming up starting off in the 40s ending in the 60s and 70s. this morning we have that big crash we have been telling you about, two lanes blocked, the big-rig is involved and our news chopper 2 is involved and looking at a monitor here and you can tell the traffic is just really terrible already leaving the livermore valley at the 680 interchange. and looking at traffic it is moving well. pope frances offered his prayers and several firefighters rushing to the scene hours ago have not been
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heard from. the company west fertilizer is 20 miles north of waco texas. whopping wong has been following the story in our newsroom, claudine? >> reporter: we have some new information, and a missing law enforcement officer has been found, he is in critical condition and several firefighters are still missing. cell phone video of the explosion that devastated a small town of west texas. the fire broke out first and then you had the explosion, according to the latest numbers, 50 to 75 homes are totally decimated and the fire is still smoldering and they still have chemical concerns and the death toll is estimated at 5 to 15. now the ems director of that town is injured also but he said he is not sitting down because he has a job to do he
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just wants to get to his people and he is worried his radio is not working. >> my personnel are probably diseased -- deceased and some of the firemen are deceased and this building is destroyed. >> reporter: what would you compare this to? >> an atom, bomb. >> they are trying to get these people to safety. >> reporter: remember it started as a fire call but it then became clear how dangerous this situation was, here are some of the dispatched communication. >> you need to pull back immediately, the fire department is close to the fertilizer plan, all units if any of you are still near the home you need to evacuate, it is still a hot boom.
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again if there are any units you need to evacuate towards the command center, that area is still not safe. >> now we are getting new information now about the more than 160 people who have been injured and hospital personnel are dealing with broken bones, fractured hips, legs and head injuries and things are still developing and as the sun comes up that should help with rescue effort. police there are saying the weather may slow operations but it may not stop them. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. there are still more details about the explosion itself. it was so strong it rattled the ground and caused a seismic event and the usgs reported a
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magnitude 2. 1. happening now, san francisco is marking the 107th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. tara moriarty is live at a ceremony and church and they tell us how a suspicious device from one ceremony had to be moved to another, tara? >> reporter: we are where the fountain commemoration ceremony was moved to because of a suspicious package which was found near the fountain. we will look at some of the area which was cordoned off and they have basically shut off the entire area around this area. because police need to figure out exactly what was inside this pack and. now the road reopened 5:30 this morning and we spoke to the police chief and he told us there was somebody suspicious spotted around 3:00 a.m. this morning. >> there was a suspect in a
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dark-hooded sweatshirt that was seen with a long black canvas bag where the ceremony is traditionally held near the fountain and he put the bag down and he left. god bless him, he saw something and said something like we have been saying. >> reporter: they picked up the bomb by a robot and a bomb technician picked it up and considered it safe. now they met at the meeting place where all the folks met after the 1906 folks met and that was moved here and it went off without a hitch. now folks are going back to the mountain where mayor ed lee is supposed to talk and we will bring that live coming up in the next hour, ktvu channel 2
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morning news. we are fitting more information in the san francisco's petrerro hill. a man called 911 said he stabbed his brother-in-law. when police arrived police said the man came at them with a hammer and they were forced to open fire. >> he was sitting on the sidewalk where he fell after officers were forced to shoot him. the man who was stabbed is listed in serious condition. we are following a major break in the boston marathon case. they are now circulating photos of two men with backpacks. also it pained one of the men
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running from the bomb site. he is moving quickly through the crowd and still no arrests have been made. >> things are happening at a time when we are not patient for an answer. >> the fbi had scheduled several news conferences throughout the day yesterday but for some reason all of those briefings were canceled. president barack obama will travel to boston to take part in a prayer service in honor of those who died in the boston bombings. this is where president barack obama and first lady michelle obama will board air force one and head for boston. we want to show you what president barack obama did to head relief efforts in boston.
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and they are leading to tighter security particularly at sporting events throughout the country and police will be out in force at the shark tank. janine de la vega is here to tell us more. >> reporter: they are honoring people who died and they will honor them when sharks take on minnesota. there will be an increase in police looking for suspicious activity and canine units will be doing a bomb sweet before the game. -- bomb sweeps before the game. this morning shark's fans say they welcome the increased patrol. >> i think it is a good thing and the more they do it, the
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less likely they are to do thing. >> a lot of people are saying, there is no way to get caught why not do it. >> police continue to monitor the area and they have taken steps to ensure the city's 911 system remains operationnal incase of an emergency and patrol officer are looking for any suspicious activity. now we plan on reaching out to the staff here at hp pavilion as well as sharks to get a comment on what they are doing in light of security measures and if we get a response, we will bring that to you on mornings on 2. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:10 sal has a significant alert in dublin, what is going on? >> they mean traffic will be
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busy in this area and this big- rig, look how badly damaged it is. it is showing in the dublin interchange and this truck is badly damaged, this truck will have to be towed away, only two lanes for 580 westbound and this is a traffic mess because it will affect the entire commute area and news chopper 2 is showing it is almost at a dead standstill coming from as far back as livermore pretty soon this will start men wering in from the pass and from tracy, such a huge commute and i am afraid it is ruined by this crash and it is really inadequate for this time of the morning. they are trying to get a tow truck in there as quickly as possible but the damage is done. >> that is not quite as bad. i have a feeling this accident in dublin is going to keep it
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from making it to the toll plaza and those metering lights should go on soon. and they had one midway because of a very serious injury so watch for delays in this area. >> let's go to steve. it is a little bit cooler this morning and we have lost a lot of that breeze thankfully. today will not be as bad, it will be sunny and warmer and there is a little component of an easterly breeze and it will also warm up a little bit. i must be honest with you, the forecast tools have been way too warm, too fast so i am easing into this and i am trying to jump a board, it is a cooler morning and we have a decrease which cranked right backup so it is slowly warming up and it looks like mid-to-
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upper 70s and that area is going nuts. you can see it is all the way down to the deep south, look a denver checking in with teens and we have a 53 degrees drop 98 to 21 because of this very robust cold front and there will be some delays, those of you who have to traffic for business or pleasure it looks like things will definitely be active. we have a north wind at 7, livermore 42 and much cooler oakland 48 and yesterday at this time it was 58 so it is a big difference. easterly breeze northerly breeze, westerly and fairfield, it is the only one with a component of southeast. ukiah, sacramento, they are cooler but not as cool as yesterday morning. we have to keep an eye on some fog and water temperatures are amazingly cold, upper 0s . cooler with a northerly breeze,
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warmest temperatures will be away from the coast by the coast. warm and patchy fog and all signs point towards a warmup saturday and sunday and monday. a man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lemar is due in court, what will happen today that is supposed to -- that was supposed to happen weeks ago. they are hoping images on surveillance video will lead to an arrested, stay tuned.
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. welcome back, president barack obama and first lady michelle obama will be flying to boston and president barack obama will be speaking at an interfaith service honoring the victims of the bombing. >> reporter: the president and first lady are a little behind schedule but they are taking off a little over 35 minutes later than scheduled this morning. there is some rain down here in the washington area but they are taking off right now and the president and first lady just boarded air force one a few minutes ago and at the same time, preparations are underway at the holy cross area. they are expected where president barack obama will be speaking less than two hours from now.
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also planning to attend, the president's november opponent, mitt romney, today's event comes after they declared a state of emergency for massachusetts and that brings up even more resources from the department of homeland security to determine victims from people to in. also -- fema. also intelligence agency officials will be speaking about those worth wide and -- worldwide and domestic and safety of americans, for now, kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. they saw a suspected child molester near the scene of the crime. police say the man gained entry into an apartment on saturday by saying he was a repairman and molested a seven-year-old
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girl. police say the girl screamed, a family member ran into the room and the man ran away. he had paint splatters on his clothing, has brown hair and a white beard. the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lemar is expected to be giving a plea in court. the hearing was postponed because of digital copies of evidence. sierra lemar was last seen leaving her home in morgan hill more than a year ago. starting monday, a ban on plastic bags takes affect for the city's unincorporated areas. this does not include redwood city and east palo alto, bans in those cities will start
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later this year. people who doesn't have bags will have to pay 10 cents for a paper bag and after january, east bag will cost a quarter. >> sal, how is traffic looking? not looking good, any time you take away lanes from a major commute it's not going to go well. this is because of a badly damaged truck crash in the area and they have made some progress and you can see they have arrived on the scene and they will get this out of the way. meanwhile 580 is just a huge mess coming out and we can show it all to you we would be here for a good stretch of the morning and you can see it two pans to the right. we would have a huge traffic jam into pleasanton and dublin and it does get better and this will work well for you if you
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are getting on 580, where is after 680 and notice traffic is not getting through and this is a terrible traffic jam, people are probably not in the greatest moods. still in, that is typical this time of the morning and that's a good commute, not showing a lot on road centers, 880 is starting off well in hayward union city and fremont. 6:21 let's go to sal. last couple of days, we were just all over the place, it was a north wind or northeasterly and it has been nuts with the winds. things are a lot quieter today. still we have a northerly breeze and when that temperature starts to fall, it is because the winds has tailed
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off. yesterday was much warmer than that. so summer is running warmer, a lot more 40s and we have a good 5 to 10 degrees cooler. yesterday's high is 65, slightly above average and each day we are pumping up the highs, forecast models are way overdone, way too soon. 46 to 48 degrees and it would not take much to get the fog going. there is still a component but a much better hair day. warmer 70s by the coast, a warm breeze is in place and santa rosa still has it north at 7, an easterly breeze off of berkeley hills, 75 and temperatures are warming up.
6:23 am
the fog will put the breaks on it a little bit and it does look warmer sunday and monday. >> thank you, steve, 6:22 is the time. surveillance video has been a big part of the investigation and why cell phone video is even more helpful than surveillance video : look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like
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. welcome back, analyzing cell phone video. you can see what investigators may be looking for and even if i am imagines are not clear, high tech software can help them identify a suspect. they also have ways to analyze the height and cell phone video is more likely to help other than a cell phone video. it is the first time ever and the passive -- passive can
6:27 am
-- pacifica will have meters. sal, it is a major, major mess on westbound 580? >> yes, that is right, and that's because of a crash of a big-rig blocking two lanes. news chopper 2 is looking at these pictures trying to get the truck out of the way. meanwhile the damage is done and 580 is a mess all the way back to the pass. also looking at the commute haywood city and fremont, that traffic is light. temperatures are running 5 to 10 degrees and it will be sunny and not as windy and a little bit warmer, dave? rescue workers are combing through the rubble and it blew up and they are searching at this very hour. more of the marathon bombings, the first lady is on her way to
6:28 am
boston and the opening bell is just about to bring stock numbers. (announcer) friskies. now serving breakfast.
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. opening bell in new york, company is going live and they are looking at a weekly jobless report which came out about an hour ago. it is the weekly numbers and more important this time around and those numbers have been volatile. it came in earlier than expected and we will have the business news coming up. >> we will smile and say good morning, thursday april 18thth, i am dave clark. >> and good morning, i am pam
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cook. rescue workers in texas are digging through piles of debris and they are hoping to find more survivors from that explosion last night at a fertilizer plant. it is in the area of west texas 20 miles of north waco. claudine wong is in the newsroom with the very latest update on the search out there, claudine wong? >> you have search and rescue efforts on the way and you have fire and chemical concerns and when you talk about all the damage, blocks and blocks gone, you have to answer the question, where do all those people go especially when the bad weather is coming. >> unbelievable video, that is one of the cell phone videos of the blast we had seen which sounds like a bomb going off. it estimated and registered on
6:32 am
seismic monitors 2. 1, win man was thrown about 10 feet and he still said he is thankful to be alive. >> thank god i went upstairs because the couch that i looked at earlier i was on, it was shredded from the glass from the bay window and if i had been on that couch i would be dead. >> numbers dead is 5 to 15 and including the firefighters who were on the scene they were there fighting that fire. the injured are 160 plus and then of course you have that massive damage and they are trying to prepare for the hundreds who will not have a home to go back to. they had an emergency shelter set up at their local high school. >> right now we are prepared to
6:33 am
take up to 100 people and we are talking about the people with buses lined up and they are prepared to take any number of people we could. >> you are looking at video of some of the people in the dark because a lot of this went on overnight and the good news for the search and rescue efforts is that they will be able to get around better for those who are still trapped in the rubble. i was watching this and a spokesperson said he is still calling it a rescue effort and the hope is survivors are still being found and he was not able to give any numbers of what they are finding. as far as the findings, fire marshals are all trying to figure out what caused this.
6:34 am
claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. san francisco is marking 107 years since the devastating earthquake, tara moriarty joins us to explain how a suspicious package affected the ceremonies and what they are saying marks this disaster. >> reporter: they just spray painted the hydrant goal here and this is what she does -- what they do every year and nearly every person of san francisco was destroyed and 3,000 people lost their lives but this was one hydrant which was still usable in the city and it has a lot of significance for the city. now earlier this morning, the chief hang wreathe off of a hydrant and he did it long
6:35 am
after. it usually gets hung but they found a suspicious package near the fountain early this morning. >> they saw a large area at the fountain, he put the bag down and left and security guards saw this, he said something like we have been saying, god bless him... he. >> him... >> reporter: now they locked back down the area once the streets were reopened and laid the wreathe, so it was a chaotic morning but not as chaotic as it was in 1906. so they will be wrapping it up but a wrench was thrown into the program earlier this morning but that package was found to be safe, nothing inside of it would have
6:36 am
exploded and everything is good from here on out. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, time now 6:35 we have been talking about the first lady heading to boston and they will be part of the interfaith ceremony. patty has more on that story, patty? >> reporter: today a safe and rememberance for boston, thousands of people are here to hear the president speak. we are also told governor mitt romney will be here possibly to deliver some remarks but we are expecting is a message of hope to uplift this community and bring them together. we also spoke with bay area residents who wants to hear something that will bring this country together.
6:37 am
this service starts at 11:00 a.m. eastern time and it was first come first serve to get tickets and many here have spent the night outside to take part in this day of faith. in line, we met many bay area residents including students of boston university. >> i think this is a really big way in order to restore that unity, and especially for boston university, it hit home and i think this is a great thing for everybody, especially with the president, it is powerful to reinstate that faith in the community. >> what we have behind us is a group trying form a human line to keep out protesters from the west borough baptist church than group is here -- excuse me. >> reporter: there is a large group coming through and that group is here to protest the president's arrival and this
6:38 am
group will block them. it is a pretty chaotic scene as thousands gather to hear the president and the first lady speak. they will be arriving and speaking at 11:00 a.m., reporting live in boston, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have some information on the 11-year-old boy who injured in the boston bombings. the mother tells us her son is recovering after a successful operation on his injured leg. he -- we also understand his breathing tube has been removed and the next concern is possible infection and on monday, he was waiting for his mother to finish the boston marathon when the bomb went off a short distance away. there are major problems on westbound 580 and they were
6:39 am
involved in a serious crash and the traffic is a huge mess all the way back to the pass, which means miles and miles of slow traffic coming up to the dublin interchange and looking at this, they are making some progress and the big-rig truck has arrived, but again right near 680, you can see the big- rig is blocking a they try to get in on that traffic. as they try to make it to dublin this morning you need to add an hour to your commute. 6:39 let's move along and take a look at the bridge, that is backed up for a 25 to 30 minute delay coming into san francisco. >> so far the commute -- commute has not been all that bad, that is about it as you drive to the interchange.
6:40 am
we have a cooler morning and the wind is tailing off, still some breezes, higher elevations but nothing compared to what we had the last couple of days. high pressure is in place, still pressure of a northerly breeze. 70s inland, 60s by the coast, warmer towards santa cruz capitoa, but it finally moves far enough away, so slowly warming here, thursday into friday, again the forecast models have been way too fast on the warmup. huge line of severe weather, you can see the temperatures 90s and 80s, teens 20s and 30s, very violent almost severe weather line has formed to texas and the deep south and
6:41 am
you can see it is covering about half the country. 40s back home, 10 degrees cooler and the wind has tailed off and it is still northerly, fairfield is westerly but most of the direction is easterly or northerly. 30s for some, 20s up in the mountains but a cooler pattern has settled in and it will rebound pretty quickly. ocean temperatures are very, very cold and we'll see a little bit of fog playing into the forecast. so 60s or lower 07z and we don't -- 70s and we don't have to worry about any fog and it looks like we turn things around sunday and monday. >> 6:41 what firefighters are saying about the investigation into that fire in san leandro. live in concord at a popular store where a popular
6:42 am
mall was robbed, we will tell you what police have to catch the suspects. we are making some progress and moving this truck but the damage is done, we will tell you more about the morning commute.
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you. welcome back, a quick look at some of the top stories we are looking at, that was incredible, that blast at the fertilizer plant was captured by several people on cell phones, minutes ago police announced they still don't know the cause of that fire an explosion. police are also getting reports of looting in that part of texas. they are getting information about a suspicious package. the discovery forced several people to move the ceremony marking the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. the ceremony was originally supposed to be held at the fountain on market street. this happened at 9:40 last
6:46 am
night. police rushed to a home after a man called 911 after he called to say he had stabbed his brother-in-law. they are calling it a smash and grab at a popular mall. here is more on this robbery and here is more on how the suspects got away, pam brian? >> reporter: last night three men entered the macy's behind me and took off with jewelry. police say this happened just after 9:00 last night at the macy's in sun valley mall and police arrived after hearing shots fired. when they arrived they saw cases were broken in the jewelry store and we don't have a clear description of the suspects only that it was three
6:47 am
men wearing hoods over their heads. they also took off in a toyota camry which was later abandoned. three men ditched the camry and got picked up by another car but police do not have a description of that second car. one man may have had a handgun and no shots were fired. we have calls into concord police and we have yet to hear back but as soon as we find that information, we will pass it along. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are investigating a fire that happened in san leandro overnight. this happened on beal avenue. firefighters say the home was being remodeled and nobody was living there at the time and no firefighters were hurt. oakland police are releasing some shocking new details about the motive in the shooting death of an off-duty
6:48 am
paramedic. quinn bauer was shot and killed on april 2 in the oakland hills. five teens have been arrested and police say the teens attacked him for fun. yesterday the teens were in juvenile detention for a hearing and they will be back on may 4th. they are encouraging more people to ride their bikes as a mode of transportation. it will stand 7.5 feet tall and it will display the number of bicyclists that passed. >> very interesting. time now 6:48 sal and the chopper it is busy because of major problems this morning. incase you are just joining us, there was a crash about an hour and a half ago, this truck
6:49 am
was badly damaged and as you can imagine, this was a huge problem coming out of livermore and the pass, there is a long line of traffic coming in from the pass and once you get close to the accident, it begins to break up a little bit but as you can see as we pan to the right on news chopper 2, it shows all the traffic approaching the 580 interchange and if this is your commute, you need to give yourself an extra hour driving through all of this mess. if you drive then you will be late unless you call your boss and say, hey, this is what is happening. you want to give yourself some extra time and you may want to consider using bart. we have a 30 minute delay which is typical and we are also looking at the bridge.
6:50 am
it is a little better and 238 to maury avenue only 17 minutes to this area. let's go to steve. it is cooler this morning and the breeze has really tailed off thankfully. i mean it howling, northeast breeze, nothing that we have seen and the fog is lurking i think for friday saturday and maybe early next week could be warmer and all the forecast models could be over shooting the projections. 40s on the temperatures and 42 which is cooler than yesterday at this time. much cooler this morning as we get a decrease in the breeze and we still have most locations which say calm and it is our fair weather friend, coast bay, the only thing we have to do is watch out for fog and we need a little bit warmer
6:51 am
westerly breeze, each day coming up a little bit. cooler morning, decreasing breeze, high pressure looks like it is here for a while but slowly warming up. today we will keep bumping up those temperatures. it does help around the baez specially berkeley -- around the bay, especially berkeley and emoryville and i think friday and saturday we will have to deal with coastal fog sunday and monday. the boeing 87s have been growing because of the lithium batteries and now they are seeking approval to put the dream liners back in service. united airlines is putting them back into service starting the end of next month but none of them can go until they approve
6:52 am
the resigned system. they are dealing with the rice and letters case, we will have more on that person's motive in those letters : i knew there were a lot of tech jobs available out there.
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. nasdaq and s&p 500 is down and dow jones industrial average is down as well. carnival plans on upgrading its entire fleet. more than a million dollars will be spent to overall all of its ships. this comes two months after an engine room fire affected the entire ship. the fbi has arrested a man from mississippi accused of mailing letters laced with poison to president barack obama, the senator and a judge.
6:56 am
the letter was intercepted in maryland at a mail sorting facility and two letters were traced to the same man. there is a clear connection to all three letters. >> there are great similarities that they received. >> now reportedly, he cass accused of writing the letters online about a government conspiracy to ruin his reputation. the vandalism of a pg&e substation was part of a coordinated act of sabotage. somebody fired shots in south san jose using a high powered rifle and they also cut through an at&t fiber optic line which knocked out and caused problems for some businesses there.
6:57 am
at&t is offering a large reguard that case. they are dealing with plenty of momentum. stefan curry made that shot and made 272 three pointers in the season eclipsing the old record. mark gave this comment, the only thing i know about stefan curry, he is not afraid when the lights are brightest. and the city of oakland is going to hold a rally for the warriors. the team is returning for the first time in six years and mayor jean quan will have been aers with the slowing began, -- slow began, oakland is a war yours ground. our commute is incredible and you have a lot to talk about, sal? we have big delays coming
6:58 am
through livermore and into dublin. 280 is open and that's a terrible commute. we will have more on this on mornings on 2. also looking at the san mateo bridge, there are no problems there. 6:57 let's go back to steve. it is a little cooler this morning, fairfield and santa rosa, that is much cooler yesterday, 72 and warmer. next on mornings on 2, devastation in that small town in texas and claudine wong is following the devastation at the fertilizer plant near waco texas. the bomb scare led to a big change in security, stay right here with us.
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